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Buddy knows best!



A few tips related to the theme ''My impact on your safety'':

Tip 1 - 2 know more than 1

Use each other's knowledge and skills in both preparation and implementation to devise the safest and most feasible method possible.

Tip 2 -

Creating a safe execution and workplace already starts in the tender phase. Talk to each other as early as possible to identify risks in a timely manner and devise measures.


FAQ!? I have a problem

An overview of frequently asked questions can be found below. Click on the question to see the answer.

A safe workplace

What measures do I have to take when I'm working?

You will be informed about safety measure by your supervisor before starting the work. A detailed description of all activities and associated measures can be found in the HSE Manual.

What do I do if my work environment is unsafe?

Stop what you are doing and consult with your supervisor. If you cannot find a solution, please contact the SHE&Q department.

Up to what temperature can I work outside in winter conditions?

There is no legal standard for working in cold conditions. However, additional measures must be taken, such as special clothing, a heated canteen and extra breaks.


I would like to order new PPE. Can I do that myself?

Yes, you can, but please note that you can only order SHE&Q-approved PPE.

When using a grinder, is it sufficient to wear safety goggles?

No this is not enough. You must protect yourself against, for example, flying particles, sparks and dust. Therefore, wear at least a face shield with safety goggles, respiratory protection, hearing protection and protective clothing.



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