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Open safety culture

Theme 2 2020

How to create an open safety culture?



An open safety culture means that everyone, regardless of position or department, can and may address others when they see unsafe behaviour or unsafe situations. Don’t ask yourself whether it’s your responsibility or someone else’s, but take action and talk about safety… just like Buddy.


A few tips related to an Open Safety Culture.

Tip 1 - Call each other to account, but keep it light

If you see a colleague acting in an unsafe manner, don't go up to him like a police officer telling him off. A better way of broaching the subject to your colleague is with an open question: "I noticed you're doing it like that. Why did you choose this method?"

Tip 2 - Showing commitment goes beyond...

using the right PPE! Share ideas, report unsafe situations and talk about safety. This way, we can learn from each other and real-life situations.

Tip 3 - Give compliments

Don't just focus on points for improvement, but also look at what is already going well and hand out compliments.



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