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What does Hollandia do about safety

Theme 3 2021

Safety is not a matter of luck


Safety awareness and conscious safe behaviour create a safe working environment. At which the focus is mainly on you as a person. But not only you are responsible for that safe working environment, Hollandia as an employer also has an important role in this. Safety is not a matter of luck. Hollandia is constantly working on this.


A few tips related to the theme "What does Hollandia do about safety":

Tip 1 - Dare to ask for help when assessing risks

Ask colleagues if they have experience with this or invite a member of the SHE&Q department and jointly carry out the necessary assessment.

Tip 2 - You know yourself better than anyone else...

to assess whether you have sufficient knowledge and skills to perform your task. If you need additional training or education to be able to perform your tasks sufficiently safe, you can address your manager. Hollandia will work with you to find a suitable way to increase the required knowledge.

Tip 3 - Help out Hollandia to work even more safely

Be critical: review and assess measures taken. Do you see other possibilities or have you heard of innovative solutions, share them with your manager or the SHE&Q department. This is how we at Hollandia ensure a reliable working environment, together.



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