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Risk-based thinking

Theme 6

Risk-based thinking

Dangers are all around you. Whether you’re in the office, walking through a manufacturing hall or working at a project location. It is important to have a good idea of the hazards and associated risks so that they can be controlled and a safe working environment can be achieved. Thinking about this is called risk-based-thinking.


A few tips related to the theme "Risk-based thinking":

Tip 1 - Also use the LMRA in the preparation of the work

The LMRA is not only a handy tool for carrying out a last-minute risk analysis just before commencing the work, the application of the LMRA also helps to get an idea of the risks during the preparation of the work.

Tip 2 - Apply the Dutch hierarchy of controls when controlling risks

Don’t immediately chose to use personal protective equipment, but first try to tackle the source of the risk and eliminate it if possible. Is there really no other option? Then at the second level we will isolate the source with collective measures. Is that not possible either? Then at the third level we will take individual measures. This is often done in combination with the fourth level; applying personal protective equipment.



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